The Unlimited Magazine second issue in 60 sec

 "The UNLIMITED Magazine" is an iPad & iPhone interactive magazine that pushes the boundaries of fashion and art. It is a
new platform for both well-known and emerging artists, web developers, fashion designers, art directors, and image-makers to experiment with digital media, while charting new territories in their relationship with their viewers, readers and audiences

Our original take on interactive content allows the readers to navigate their own private reading and viewing experience. This ground-breaking level of interaction propels the contributing artists to create new ways to stimulate and provoke
Confessions Of a Female Drag Queen, an in deapth interview with Stella Rose Saint Clair is the cover story in Issue # 2 – The Selfish Issue

Also interviewed in this issue are Bryan Boy, Kathy Grayson ,Michelle Lamy, Amanda Lepore, Andrew Richardson, Cole Mohr, Hanksy, Floria sigismondi and Andrew Wyatt Vaughan, Casey Brooks and Art works & story by photographer Isa BritoFashion stories by Prince Homme, Joe Lally, Reed + Rader, David Agbodji, Amit Israeli, Samuel Zakuto, Ori Oren, Kevin Amato ,Greg


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